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Cool Summer Spice Tea
Cool Summer Spice Tea
Cool Summer Spice Tea
Cool Summer Spice Tea

Cool Summer Spice Tea



Brewing Tips

This layered blend creates a refreshing, full-bodied aroma that can be enjoyed hot or cold. The rooibos and nanamint base give aroma and a minty hit, while the anise, ginger, coriander, pepper and cinnamon warm the drink and fill the palate. Finishing with a hint of lemongrass and wild thyme, this is a truly invigorating and complex blend, refreshing and soothing.

Energise and recharge with a cold brew, yielding a powerful freshness and bringing out the mint with herbal tones in the background. Or you can relax and warm up with a hot brew which brings out the ginger, cinnamon and anise spices. Whichever way you brew it, you will get a unique and soothing caffeine-free blend. 


Hot brew:

  • 1 slightly heaped tsp per 250mls
  • Fresh boiled water at 100 degrees celcius
  • Steep for 5 minutes
  • Enjoy clear or with honey

Cold brew:

  • Dissolve 1 tsp sugar per 250 mLs water
  • Add 2 tsp tea per 250 mLs
  • Leave in fridge to steep for 8 hours
  • Strain and serve over ice

This tea is Certified Organic.

To brew a good cuppa is pretty easy - it is all in how you prepare it. The following guidelines are to help you get the best possible taste and enjoyment out of our tea on offer.

Water - First start with fresh great tasting cold water. Bring the water to a rolling boil. Do not let your water boil for an extended period of time because this draws out of oxygen, which is necessary for the flavour extraction. The Depending on how strong you prefer your perfect cup of tea use approximately 1 teaspoons of tea per 250ml of water.

Temperature - Using the correct water temperature is of equal importance. Please note that only black teas, fruit blends, rooibos and herbal infusions are brewed with boiling water. It is of vital importance to remember not to use boiling water for oolong, green and white teas. After bringing the water to a rolling boil you have to let it cool down to the desired temperature.

Time - What turns most people away from tea is it being simply an over drawn. To avoid a bitter and unpleasant taste, never allow your tea to steep beyond the time as recommended on the brew card or in the instruction on the box. For a stronger cup of tea, add more tea rather than increasing the steeping time.

Green Tea - 75˚c / 2 - 3 minutes
White Tea - 75˚c / 2 - 3 minutes
Black Tea - 100˚c / 2 - 3 minutes
Rooibos - 100˚c / 5 minutes
Fruit Blends - 100˚c / 5 minutes
Herbal Infusion - 100˚c / 5 minutes

Cool Summer Spice Tea