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L-theanine, tea & relaxation

by Alan Hughes |

Since ancient times, it has been said that drinking green tea brings relaxation. The substance that is responsible for a sense of relaxation, is L-theanine. L-theanine is a unique amino acid found almost solely in tea plants and the main component responsible for the exotic taste of ‘green’ tea. L-theanine makes up around 1-2% of the dry weight of tea....

Citrus & Chamomile Tea Cake

by Anna Meredith |

Lemon & Lime Cake with Orange Blossom & Chamomile Tea This Citrus and Chamomile Tea cake is inspired by Noble & Savage's Lime Blossom and Chamomile blend. It is made using finely ground Noble & Savage dried chamomile flowers and iced with a honey, lime and vanilla bean cream cheese icing! Ingredients: 150g butter, softened 150g golden caster sugar 3 organic eggs 1 tsp...

A Centenary of Anzac

by Alan Hughes |

Wear your pin proudly to remember our ANZAC soldiers today. Marking 100 years since our involvement in the First World War, the Anzac Centenary is a time to honour the service and sacrifice of our original ANZACs, and the generations of New Zealand and Australian servicemen and women who have defended our values and freedoms, in wars, conflicts and...

Marteani No.3 - Strawberry Plum

by Alan Hughes |

This cocktail was commissioned by Love & Luna for an amazing launch party. Made by Teatini. Ingredients 45mL Noble & Savage Strawberry Plum tea syrup (see Brew instructions below) 30mL The Botanist Gin 15mL Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth

Marteani No.2 - Vanilla Sencha Whisky

by Alan Hughes |

This spirit-lifting organic Vanilla Sencha green tea by Noble & Savage Tea Merchants has two key components: Green Sencha tea from China and pieces of vanilla pod from Europe. The infusion creates a gentle but full-bodied drink that is mellow, smooth, and relaxing with Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whisky.  Ingredients 60mL Noble & Savage...

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